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Our mission is to create films with heart that remind us we’re not alone in this crazy world. 


We’re living in a strange time in history — although technology has connected us in ways we’d never imagined, we’re feeling more and more disconnected as people living in it. 

An antidote to this modern condition, 2 Blazes creates films that reflect the inner truth about being human. We believe that when you see a thread of truth in a film, a piece of reality that hits home, it can make you feel connected in this increasingly disconnected world. We’re all bound together by our experiences of life, whether it’s loss, grief or finding a path toward love and hope. 

Our films tell stories about the everyman and everywoman with heart and humor. Our goal is to depict the inner workings of the human condition, the dysfunctional functioning families and relationships that we’ve all experienced in one way or another. And it’s these types of films that connect us in unexpected ways, making us feel less alone.

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